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What are the different varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla available?


If you crave a garden filled with mesmerizing floral displays, look no further than the captivating Hydrangea macrophylla. Rejoicing in the nickname “Bigleaf Hydrangea,” this enchanting shrub has captured the hearts of gardening enthusiasts worldwide for its large, vibrant blooms and lush foliage. In this article, we will delve into the diverse world of Hydrangea macrophylla, exploring its stunning varieties and highlighting their unique characteristics.


What are the different varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla available?

1. Nikko Blue Hydrangea


Prepare to be awestruck by the unparalleled allure of the Nikko Blue Hydrangea. Renowned for its intense, deep blue flowers, this variety never fails to command attention. The striking, rounded flower clusters create a visual spectacle that will transport your garden into a striking sea of blue. When cultivating this variety, keep in mind that its captivating hue is influenced by the acidity of the soil. Nikko Blue is a timeless choice for garden beds, borders, or as a captivating centerpiece in any landscape.


2. Endless Summer Hydrangea


If you desire an enduring floral display that lasts all summer long, the Endless Summer Hydrangea is the perfect pick. This extraordinary variety has the remarkable ability to bloom on both old and new wood, ensuring a constant burst of flowers throughout the season. With its lush mophead blooms, available in shades of pink, purple, or blue (depending on soil acidity), this versatile gem offers endless beauty and charm. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller gardens, containers, and even as a captivating addition to floral arrangements.


3. Twist-N-Shout Hydrangea


For those seeking an elegant touch with a touch of whimsy, the Twist-N-Shout Hydrangea is an absolute delight. This lacecap variety showcases delightful blooms surrounded by delicate, lacy petals that create a magical visual effect. Initially, the flowers emerge in shades of vivid pink or purple, transforming into a captivating blend of pink, blue, and lavender as they mature. Twist-N-Shout is a vigorous grower that adds a graceful presence to landscapes, borders, and woodland gardens. It’s a true showstopper!


What are the different varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla available?

4. Forever Pink Hydrangea


Indulge in everlasting beauty with the Forever Pink Hydrangea. True to its name, this mesmerizing variety guarantees an abundant display of pink blooms. Unlike other varieties, it consistently produces pink flowers regardless of the soil’s acidity, making it the epitome of reliability. The striking contrast between its vibrant pink flowers and deep green foliage is a sight to behold. This compact shrub is perfect for smaller gardens, containers, and as an exquisite border plant. Get ready to be immersed in rosy perfection!


5. Tokyo Delight Hydrangea


Embrace the elegance of the Tokyo Delight Hydrangea, a variety that will infuse your outdoor space with a graceful allure. Its distinctive lacecap flowers feature delicate, pale pink or white petals surrounding ethereal feathery centers, exhibiting shades of soft blue or pink. This variety blooms profusely and thrives magnificently in both sun and shade, making it a versatile choice for gardens, borders, or even as an eye-catching foundation plant. Prepare for a delicate, harmonious floral symphony!


Selecting the perfect Hydrangea macrophylla variety for your garden requires consideration of factors such as soil acidity, sunlight exposure, and desired color palette. Remember to provide sufficient water, shelter, and care to ensure their optimal growth and splendor. With their versatility and captivating charm, these Hydrangea macrophylla varieties are sure to transform your garden into a picturesque paradise of blooming brilliance.


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