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Sophora japonica ‘Winter Gold’

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1 or 2-year-old,Grafted,Dormant, Bare-root trees, or mature and Shaped Trees.


Sophora japonica ‘Winter Gold’ Japanese pagoda tree

Sophora japonica ‘Winter Gold’ Japanese pagoda tree, golden yellow stems contrast against the dark green main stem giving ornamental value in the winter. Foliage emerges with rich butter yellow tones before tuning to yellow-green. 


It is a large deciduous tree to 25m tall with a rounded, low-branched habit, and rich green pinnate leaves to 30cm in length. Fragrant creamy-white, pea-shaped flowers 12mm in length, produced in terminal panicles in mature trees.


The pinnate leaves are deciduous, individual leaflets are small, elliptic, and emerge yellow in spring, and turn light green in summer. Still, a part of the foliage on top of the plant remains lighter yellow-green even in summer. Flowering has not been observed yet. The other attraction is a rich golden yellow colour of smooth bark from late autumn until mid spring. In order to achieve as many glowing branches we suggest pruning the plant hard every spring in late winter after the frosts.

It adapts to any type of soil except for marshy, and withstands air pollution. When fully established it tolerates drought. Avoid transplanting in autumn. Young plants may be prone to some winter damage but plants with well-ripened wood are hardy to about -27°C (USDA zone 5b).


Sophora japonica 'Winter Gold' Sophora japonica 'Winter Gold'


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