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Rose Sweet Dream

  • Chinese Exporter:

    Wholesale Trade Only


Common Export Spec:
Bare-root or Potted, and accept customization.


Rose Cl Rainbow’s End


jftreenursery – Chinese Professional plants grower & exporter


Rose Sweet Dream Export specifications: Bare-root or Potted.  Mature and Shaped Trees. Customization accepted.

Rose Sweet Dream

Rose Sweet Dream

Rose Sweet Dream

Rose Sweet Dream



Our company has over 2000 varieties of roses.  Varieties all year round more than 300:


Eyes series:


Brideside, Eyes for You, Eyeconic, Lemonade, Alissar Princess of Phoenicia,Sunset Babylon Eyes, XiaWu(Chinese rose), Sunshine Babylon Eyes, Amethyst Babylon, Blushing Babylon Eyes, Fancy Babylon Eyes,  Bull’s Eye, Diamond Eyes, Glorious Babylon Eyes, Trendy Babylon Eyes, LOKI;



Climbing Roses:

Strawberry Macaron, Eisvogel, Rose Eden, Florentina, Golden Celebration, Constance, Rainy Blue, Republique de Montmartre, Cl Rainbow’s End, Sweet Dream, Queen of Sweden, Crown Princess Margareta, Abraham Darby, Ines Sastre, Rosomane Janon, Spirit of Freedom…


Shrub Roses:


Abricot Terrazza Dominique Massad Mango Lieber Rose Pompadour
Admiral Double Delight Marc Chagall Rose Terrazza Pisce
All American Magic Dynamic masora Rouge Royale
Aoi Effie Maurice Utrillo Royal palace
Apple Jake FenYan (Chinese) Menta Salmon Terrazza
Autumn Rouge Flamingo Mona Lisa Saphiret
Beatrice Florida Monica Bellucci Sea Anemone
Bico Baby Romantica Fragonard Monroe Seraphim
Bigoudi Geoff Hamilton My Beauty Sheherazad
Black Baccara Gospel Nadine Xella-Ricci Shining Rigina(Chinese)
Blue Moon stone Heathcliff. Neptune King Terrazza Shinoburedo
Brass Band Hongjiu (Chinese Rose) Ninfa Spanish Dancer
Butter Cup HongTao (Chinese Rose) Novalis Tamora
Cantina Huddersfield Choral Society Orange Romantica TaoZhao LanTian
Cappuccino HuoHua   (Chinese Rose) Papa Meilland The Poet’s Wife
Caramel Antike Jalitah. Papaya Tiara
Carousel Jeanne Moreau Peach Avalanche Tineke
Chanel Terrazza Jubilé du Prince de Monaco Perfu Purple Toffee
China Girl jubilee celebration Pine Dream Traviata
ChuZhuang(Chinese) Juicy Terrazza Pluto King Terrazza Vaguelette
Claude Monet Juliet Pure Blond Variegata di Bologna
Coffee Break Jumilia Purple Skyliner Velvety Twilight
Corail Gelee Kazetatsunu Queen of Hearts Wedding road
Cream Yves Piaget Kinda Blue Red Apple Yves Wishing
Creamy Eden La Parisienne Red Intuition Zazu
Crown Princess Margareta Libellula Renka ZhiQiu    (Chinese)
DaHua MeiRen(Chinese) Ligare RongRongYue (Chinese)  
Rose Sweet Dream

Rose Sweet Dream


Our nursery



Rose Republique de Montmartre

Rose Republique de Montmartre


In addition, our varieties also include:


Abricot Terrazza Fontaine Maiden’s Heart turtle
Admiral Forbidden Parfum Malines Unforgetable
Alcina Free Spirit Mango Lieber Vaguelette
Amandine Chanel Frozen Marc Chagall Vélasquez
Antigua funky peach maritim Venus King Terrazza
Antique Lace Gabriel Maritim Vesalius
Apollo Giardina Mayra Peach Vieux Rose
APPLAUSE Godfather Mayra’s Rose PEACH Vineyard Song
Applause Godmather Mayra’s Vert/Mayra’s Green Violino Riche
Applause Golden Mustard Meine Rose Vuvuzela
Apricot foundation Golden Yves Piaget Mercury king terrazza Wedding road
Armure Blanche goldie Meteor King Terrazza Westminster Abbey
Artista Panarosa Grand Siècle Midnight Blue White Chocolate
Augusta Luise Gravity Midsummer White O′Hara
Baby Romantica Grawn Blue Miyabi White O′Hara
Bala Grawn Blue Molineux Winschoten
Barock green apple rose Monroe X-Factor
Belize green tea Montmartre Belle Romantica
Ben Weatherstaff Grossherzogin Luise Morgen Lot Yua
Black Gold Hatune Morning Rose Yve Splash
Blood orange Helen Mother of Pearl ZAZU
Blue Boy Hirari Mount Shasta Princess Alexandra of Kent
Blue Moon stonel Hocus Pocus Kordana M-Perzik Princess Miyuki
Bourbon Street Holiday Island Guernsey My Beauty Princess Sakura
Brass Band Honey Caramel Mysterieuse Princesse de Monaco
Brass Band Hongchun Mysterious Promesse Eternelle
Briosa Hot Chocolate Nachuru Test Quick Sand
Brodley Housaki Red Nausicaä Red Intuition
Broken wings Angel Hula Girl Neo cherry shallow Red Lace
Buff Beauty Ilias neoantique cygne Rhodos
Buff manorl Iori Neptune King Terrazza Rikuhotaru
Butterfly Princess Ivor’s Rose New Wave Rinaldo
Candy Avalanche J. W. von Goethe Nicole Roger Lambelin
Capability Jalitah Nightingale Rosa Loves Me-Two Times
Capricornus Terrazza Janice Kellogg Nova Terrazza Rose Antoinette..
Carousel Japenese Tale Novalis Rose Capricornus Champagne
Cartonnage Jeanne Moreau Novalis Rose de Desert
Catalina Juliet Olivia Rose Leo Terrazza
Cerise Terrazza Julieta Orange Jewel Rose Terrazza Gemini
Cest Mignon Julieta Limoncella Orange Romantica Rose Terrazza Pisce
Champagner Julio Iglesias Patience ROUGE
Charme Jumilia Paul Klee Rouge Royale
Chartreuse de Parme Kahala Peach Avalanche Sagara Sensation
Cherry Brandy kaori kazari Pēnelopeia Sahara
Chica Veranda KaorukoRose Perfu Purple Saint Honore
Chiffon keira Pierre Arditi Sea Anemone
China Girl Kinda Blue Pink Paradise Sentiddo Night
Coffret La mariee Plum Pudding  Shadow of the Moon
Country Home La Parisienne pomponella Shell
Cream Yves Piaget La Rose Optimiste Pope John Paul II Shell
Deep Water La Zebra patience Pose Terrazza Virgo shimmer
Diablesse de Mers Lace Eden Rose Praline Rouge Shining Smile
Diamond Eyes Lady Candle Sweet Berry Silent Love
Dominique Massad Lake Baika Sweet Honey Silk Road
ebb tide Lanterne Citrouille Terrazza Aries Solfa
Ebb Tide LAPIS VEIL The Fairy Sophie Rochas
Eclipse King Terrazza Lilac Classic The Impressionist sou
Eddy Mitchell Limbo The Prince Spanish Dancer
El Paso Forever Londun Eye Thierry Marx Spinnaker Amorina
Eugenie Louis XIV Ti Amo Stephanie Baronin zu Guttenberg
Evelyn Love and Peace Tiara Sur la Neige
Fire Ruffle Madam Kayoko Tineke Rose XiaWu (Eyes)(Chinese rose)
Fire X-pression Madame Anisette Tourmaline  
Florida Mademoiselle Meilland Tsumugi  


If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us provide you with service and save you money.


Who are we:


A company that exports plant to Europe, America, Japan, and Korea and so on.



32 years of experience in nursery and exportation


What we can offer:

1 or 2-year-old, Grafted/Cutting, Dormant, Bare-root trees;

mature or shaped trees, and accept customization.

Of course, we would be delighted to be your ‘factory’ and cultivate a variety of seedlings for you using our experienced horticulturists, land and facilities, all at a reasonable price.


Ornamental Trees – Magnolia, Crape Myrtle, Wisteria, Syringa vulgaris, Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple), Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ …

Fruit Trees – Kiwi vine, Grape vine, Jujube, Pomegranate, Walnut, Hazelnut…

Flowers – Rose, Peony, Camellia, Viburnum macrocephalum…

Aquatic plants – Lotus, Waterlily…


Email:jftreenursery@gmail.com  /  jftreenursery@hotmail.com


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