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Red-fleshed kiwifruit HongYang /‘RedYang’

  • Red-fleshed and Hairless Kiwi Fruit:

    Wholesale Trade Only & Export Only

  • Cultivar:

    1-year-old Grafted Tree



Red-fleshed kiwifruit HongYang /‘RedYang’ vines


Introduction to HongYang /‘RedYang’ Red-Fleshed Kiwifruit Vine


Red-fleshed kiwifruit HongYang , also known as “RedYang,” is a unique variety of red-fleshed kiwifruit vine gaining popularity. This medium-sized fruit is uniform with green-brown skin and a slightly protruding or round stylar end. Its red flesh, a result of high anthocyanin concentration, sets it apart from other kiwifruit. Tender texture and fine, juicy, sweet, and aromatic taste make it a favorite among enthusiasts.


The development period of HongYang is approximately 140 days, and it begins to bloom in mid-April, maturing in early September. The percentage of bud germination, shoot forming, and fruiting cane is 71.8%, 100%, and 88%, respectively. The flowers are typically found on the third tonight of the fruiting shoots, predominantly in singles or inflorescences of three flowers.


HongYang is a high-yielding variety that is resistant to diseases and has a relatively long shelf life, making it an attractive option for growers. Its unique characteristics and exceptional taste make it a popular choice among consumers who are looking for something new and different in the fruit market.



Red-fleshed kiwifruit HongYang ‘RedYang’Red-fleshed Kiwifruit Vine Donghong-Hairless Kiwi Fruit Red-fleshed Kiwifruit Vine Donghong-Hairless Kiwi FruitRed-fleshed Kiwifruit Vine Donghong-Hairless Kiwi Fruit 

Red-fleshed Kiwifruit Vine


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