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Perfect Companion Plants for Acer palmatum


n the realm of gardening, few plants captivate the senses as exquisitely as Acer palmatum, known commonly as the Japanese maple. With its striking foliage, graceful branches, and breathtaking seasonal transformations, this ornamental tree has become a star attraction in gardens around the world. Delving into the world of Acer palmatum, we unravel the secrets behind its beauty and explore the magical art of companion planting that enhances its allure.


Acer palmatum 'Hamano maru'-Japanese Maple

The Artistry of Acer Palmatum:

Acer palmatum is renowned for its elegant, palm-shaped leaves that come in a stunning array of colors. From vibrant reds and oranges to delicate pinks and greens, the foliage of this tree allows for limitless artistic expression in gardens. Its graceful branches boast an intricate structure that adds depth and character to the landscape, making it a perfect centerpiece for any garden design.


 Harmonizing Companions:

To amplify the enchantment of Acer palmatum, thoughtful companion planting can make a significant difference. Choosing plants that harmonize with its delicate foliage and complement its cultural requirements is key. Here are some companion plants that beautifully complement the Japanese maple:


Hostas: With their large, lush leaves and contrasting textures, hostas create a striking contrast against the finer foliage of Acer palmatum. They excel in shade or partial shade and offer a range of colors to harmoniously blend into the maple’s surroundings.

Ferns: The feathery fronds of ferns provide a soft backdrop that highlights the intricate branches and foliage of Acer palmatum. Shade-loving ferns, such as Japanese painted ferns or lady ferns, create a tranquil and cooling atmosphere as they thrive alongside the maple.

Hakone grass: The graceful arching foliage of Hakonechloa macra, commonly known as Hakone grass, echoes the elegance and form of Acer palmatum. This low-growing grass species can be planted as a groundcover beneath the maple, creating a harmonious carpet that enhances the overall beauty of the garden.

Astilbes: Known for their vibrant, plume-like flowers and lacy foliage, astilbes provide a burst of color and texture alongside Acer palmatum. These shade-tolerant perennials thrive in moist conditions and create eye-catching contrasts with their feathery blooms.

Rhododendrons: The bold, evergreen foliage and show-stopping blooms of rhododendrons add a touch of drama to the garden. Their acid-loving nature makes them ideal companions for Acer palmatum, as both plants can thrive in similar soil conditions, creating a unified and captivating landscape.


Acer Palmatum Mikawa Nishiki

 Creating a Captivating Garden Space:

By incorporating these carefully chosen companions, a garden space adorned with Acer palmatum can become an oasis of tranquility and visual delight. Consider the overall design, textures, and colors to create an aesthetic that complements the Japanese maple’s unique characteristics. Play with contrasting and complementary elements to highlight the beauty of both the Acer palmatum and its companion plants.


Acer palmatum, with its sheer beauty and intrinsic charm, deserves to be showcased as the centerpiece in any garden. By carefully selecting companion plants that harmonize with its delicate foliage and complement its cultural requirements, you can unlock the full potential of Acer palmatum and create a captivating garden space that surpasses all expectations. Let your creativity soar as you delve into the art of companion planting, embracing nature’s masterpiece and leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.


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